Roger Limb and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - The Box of Delights - 2LP

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Roger Limb and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - The Box of Delights - 2LP
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Poet Laureate John Masefield's classic 1935 fantasy was brought to TV screens in 1984 at a cost of £1 million, the most expensive children's series to date in the history of the BBC. A forerunner to the work of CS Lewis, Roald Dahl and JK Rowling, the series remains a golden memory of 80's childhood. Starring Patrick Troughton and Robert Stephens and filmed in a variety of scenic locations in the UK, it's the story of a young schoolboy whose ownership of a magic box allows him to shrink, fly, revisit the past and experience incredible wonders and creatures. The series was renowned for it's ambitious special effects scooping three BAFTA awards, one for best children's series and two for television craft. Composer Roger Limb, a specialist in electronic music and working with

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, is famed for his Doctor Who work, but his range extended much further than science-fiction and includes Martin Luther: Heretic and the Look And Read serials. Mirroring the visuals, the music presents a truly innovative score combining real instruments with synthesised sounds. Included on this release is the delightful original theme, Victor Hely-Hutchinson's Carol Symphony: Andante quasi lento e cantabile performed by the Pro Arte Orchestra.

Tracklist: Side A: 1. The Box of Delights - Opening Titles 2. The Time That Likings are Made 3. A Warning of Wolves 4. A Tosser to my Kick 5. The White Rider 6. Phoenix in the Fire 7. Out of the Cold 8. A Mountain in Switzerland 9. Last Minute Christmas Shopping 10. King Arthur s Camp 11. King Arthur s Camp (reprise) 12. King Arthur s Camp (continued) 13. The Box of Delights 14. Towards Dawn 15. Scrobblers 16. Snowman Side B 1. Herne the Hunter 2. Go Small 3. Go Swift 4. That Boy 5. In Darkest Cellars Underneath 6. Lighting the Tree 7. Kitchen Fugue / Here Comes the Posset 8. Sweet Dreams 9. On the Flood 10. Over the Weir 11. Return to Seekings 12. Maria Scrobbled 13. Kay and Peter Fly to the Chester Hills 14. Peter Scrobbled 15. A Dream 16. Kay Returns to Chesters 17. The Spider in the Web. Side C: 1. Our Final Plans 2. The Key to All the Trouble 3. The Boy with No Shadow 4. Waterfall Boy 5. Under my Hand 6. Leave Us Not Little 7. Slave of the Night 8. Is it Near? 9. Know Your Fate Side D: 1. Nor Yet Dark 2. The End of Abner Brown 3. To Tatchester 4. Christmas Eve 5. Home for the Holidays 6. The Box of Delights - Closing Titles 7. Christmas Day In The Morning 8. Carol Symphony: Andante quasi lento e cantabile

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