Edwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation Filter Mains ( Isolation Transformer ) 40w

Edwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation Filter Mains ( Isolation Transformer ) 40w

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Edwards Audio ISO 1 Mains Isolation Transformer

Ideal for Source Components - Turntables , Streamers , DACs , Phono Stages etc

The ISO1  is our entry level mains isolation filter. It combines mains isolation with DC blocking and earth line filtering resulting in a major improvement in sonic performance. Originally conceived for use with our turntables it also has major benefits when used with line level product such as CD players, DVD players, Pre-amplifiers, tuners, DACs and Phono stages – as long as the load does not exceed 40W.

The single outlet is there for a reason: it offers galvanic isolation which prevents cross contamination of your components – adding a distribution board to supply multiple products will negate this function and may overload the ISO1 causing the fuses to blow and or possible damage which is not covered by the 10 year guarantee.

We have always been a believer that the best sounding mains filtering is done with isolation transformers, but they are normally very expensive and heavy. However the ISO1 is a very reasonably priced and compact design (170mmx88mmx166mm) that is sufficiently poweful for most source and pre amplification duties. Naturally the sonic benefits will depend upon the item it's connected to, but invariably there will be a reduction in grain/hash, an improvment in tonality and even a perceived increase in dynamics (unlike most other filters that appear to squash dynamics). We highly recommend this filter whatever the price/quality of the hifi system you use it with.

Can help reduce a lot of mains noise without all the side effect of a lot of other conditioning methods (squashed dynamics and an overly smoothed sound for example). Originally intended to be used with the turntables we find its possible applications much wider and it will work superbly with many sources and pre amplifiers too - in fact anything that draws under 40 watts of power (if the manufacturer of an item doesn’t state power consumption then you can use a plug in power monitor to measure it,. It also features an internal DC blocker which not only ensures that the transformer is quiet at all times but also improves the overall sound too. It is intended to be used on one item at a time, this way it ensures that not only does it help clean the mains it also prevents that item polluting others in the system (which is especially useful with items with switch mode power supplies which are often very generators of noise).

These are available for both 240 and 110 volt operation and can be supplied with other mains outlets sockets for use in countries outside the UK.( Schuko & Nema )

Uprated  ML1-UK 1.5Metre Screened Mains Lead - IEC Socket - 13amp BS UK PLUG .can be supplied

ML1  is a completely new mains cable. Constructed using 3 x 1.5 mm twisted high purity oxygen free copper conductors to low resistance and give good current handing. The conductors are coated with an extremely high grade polyolefin which has a much better dielectric constant than the regular PVC used in on most mains cables. An Ali/Mylar screen with drain wire is employed to shield the cable as well as a having a NAS filter fitted  

The radiated and transmitted RF and Em Interference chanelled into the equipment by regular mains cables tends to manifest itself as distortion of image or picture on AV equipment or loss of focus on audio so it is essential as much is removed as possible and at the same time lower the resistance of the circuit to increase dynamics.

This is a brand new price point for us and we feel the ML1 offers truely amazing levels or performance for the money. Very few cables at this price point offer much improvement at all, never mind to the standard of our new ML1.  It is designed to bring extended dynamics and vibrancy to all components by lowering the noise floor.

The new Edwards Audio ML1 represents the outstanding value for money for someone sceptical about mains cables and who just wants to sample a change for as little outlay as possible.

WARNING - It must NOT be used with integrated amplifiers or power amplifiers or any component that exceeds the max 40 Watt supply offered.


ISO1 mains isolation filter
Max output level 40W RMS @ 240/120V 50/60Hz
Dimensions WxHxL 170mm x 88mm x 160mm
Weight 2.5kg
Power consumption (Idle) 2.5W


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