Edwards Audio MM4 MM Phono Stage MM

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The Edwards Audio MM4 phono preamplifier is a moving magnet (MM) or high output moving coil (HOMC) RIAA phono stage.

Based on the original MM1-PSU1 combination, the performance was again improved by a higher-quality internal power supply and higher-selected operational amplifier.
At this price, the device is unique, with its fully RoHs compliant and gold-plated, two-layer board, backlit display, folded steel case and a 9 mm thick machine-made frame. The components used .B with a thin metal film, very closely tolerated MELF resistors from Vishay, Panasonic FM series PSU capacitors and Vishay polyester/polypropylene film capacitors are used. The RIAA equalization is a rare combination of an active bass and a passive altitude range with an accuracy of 0.25 dB over the frequency band and a very low signal-to-noise voltage value of -87dB A-weighted. The circuit topology has a fully buffered output stage with a very low output impedance to reduce cable effects and improve output voltage. The attention to detail also extends to the supplied, specially developed power supply, which, unique for this price level, has separate + and DC outputs for maximum insensitivity to noise at maximum dynamic range and highest override resistance.

TALK Electronics is a UK based designer and manufacturer of award winning hi-fi equipment. We have designed and manufactured some of the world’s finest, value-for-money, high-fidelity equipment for over 15 years.

The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivaled high performance products.  Do not be deceived by the size of this range, as it has been designed to set new standards in this area.  It can compete with many ‘fully grown’ products which are out in the market and if reviews are anything to go by, then TALK Electronics have achieved its goal with many awards and reviews from around the world. HAND MADE IN THE UK

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