Edwards Audio Apprentice MM-EQ Phono Stage MM

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Edwards Audio Apprentice MM-EQ Phono Stage MM
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Edwards Audio Apprentice MM 2 - NEW Model Single Box with uprated PSU

Edwards Audio Apprentice MM 2 Despite its low price, the Edwards Audio Apprentice MM 2 phono stage is of high quality and can be considered an audiophile bargain. Test LP / 3-2017

It’s been a long time since we heard a sub-£100 phono stage as musically talented as the Apprentice MM 5 Stars What Hifi

If you seek a serious sounding entry-level phono stage, look no further than Edwards Audio’s Apprentice MM A superb entry-level phono stage that’s well worth auditioning  David Price 5 Stars HIFI Choice

An ideal entry-level performer that will surprise you in terms of its high level of sound quality. Paul Rigby The Audiophileman

"... What comes from the little boxes of Edwards Audio to music is worthy of all honor." LP Magazine Germany


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very highly praised by the press in the UK and abroad. The has dispensed with the switched mode ‘wall wart’ power supply and now features a true internal linear power supply whilst retaining the very short signal paths and clever audio design. This has necessitated a slightly wider case and a small price increase, but the benefits from the reduction in noise (switch mode supplies for generate a lot of high frequency noise) are very worthwhile and further enhance the abilities of this giant killer phono stage.The resultant sound has improved resolution and tonality over its (already excellent) predecessor, and retains the exciting yet easy to listen to balance that has always made this design such a winer.

The Apprentice is the new entry level phono stage from Edwards Audio which combines quite remarkable performance and very a affordable price tag. Designed and manufactured entirely in the UK this diminutive box contains an exceptionally short signal path thanks to the surface mount design  and an external power supply to keep noise to a minimum. Much like its larger and dearer brothersit has a sound that is very well resolved but never tiring or difficult to listen to, and has quickly established itself as our reference phono stage for under a hundred pounds.

The Edwards Audio Apprentice MM phono stage is derived from the popular Edwards Audio MM1 and uses a similar circuit topology with passive treble and active bass equalisation.

Unusually at this price level it uses a second stage amplifier to buffer the equalisation network and ensure a low output impedance.

It is however configured to be used with our custom made single rail DC regulated switch mode power supply. This has enabled us to make a cost saving along with the use of a steel double U case construction, removing the need for an expensive extrusion. It is completed with a stylish 3mm black acrylic front panel.

As far as the all important sonic performance is concerned, with its near silent noise floor and 40dB gain the Apprentice MM will not leave you disappointed, unlike most we have listened to. We rate its performance at around 85% that of the MM1 which, at around half the price, makes it a true audiophile bargain. It is ideally suited for the customer who is either on a budget or uses a turntable such as the Award Winning Apprentice TT. ( Shown Below but NOT Included )


....  ..Edwards Audio Apprentice LITE MKII Turntable with Apprentice Phono stage ( Bundle )

The Edwards Audio delivers a fine and musical performance, irrespective of the music it’s being asked to play. That’s the mark of a great budget product: one that can be improved upon as you upgrade the rest of your system, but still gives you everything in the meantime.If you’re looking for a phono stage to do that for your sub-£300 turntable, the Apprentice MM deserves (at the very least) to be heard. 5 Stars What Hifi

Tech Specs

  Max Input MM: 75mV
  Gain: 40dB MM
  THD Distortion: <0.01% 1kHz
  Signal to noise ratio (MM) 5mV (MM) A Wtd:  83dB
  RIAA accuracy: within 0.5dB
  Stereo separation: better than 66dB   20 20kHz
  Input Loading MM: 47K with 150pF
  Dynamic Range: 110dB
  Output impedance: <10 Ohms
  Max output level: 7.5V RMS depending upon input
  Dimensions WxHxL:114.5mm x 47.5mm x 160mm
  Weight: 1Kg
  Power consumption: 1.5W

TALK Electronics is a UK based designer and manufacturer of award winning hi-fi equipment. We have designed and manufactured some of the world’s finest, value-for-money, high-fidelity equipment for over 15 years.

The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivaled high performance products.  Do not be deceived by the size of this range, as it has been designed to set new standards in this area.  It can compete with many ‘fully grown’ products which are out in the market and if reviews are anything to go by, then TALK Electronics have achieved its goal with many awards and reviews from around the world. HAND MADE IN THE UK

still made in Britain.

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