Edwards Audio IA4 Integrated Amplifier 35wpc MM Phono

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Yes. This amplifier is actually a small wonder of musicality, dynamics and life. Verdict  The Edwards Audio IA4 is a compact, well-presented, well-crafted electronics that delivers great credibility. We listened to many musical genres without finding any audible deviations in behavior. The integrated is stable, satisfactory and very consistent in terms of timbre and sound scene. Well placed in price even equipped with the option phono MM, it is undoubtedly boiling outsider vis a vis a competition already established in this price category.-hautefidelite-hifi.com

Best of all, no matter what kind of music Edwards uses to translate his technical quality into the listener's sense of enjoyment of the music that makes up the whole thrill of the thing. Almost 600 euros for a power amplifier with phono & "Made in England" - do I have to say more? Oh yes, maybe one more thing: The Edwards IA4 is damn good! HIFI Test germany

This solid performer fills a gap in the market for mid-priced amps A well-performing stereo amplifier at a good price – worth a listenbut its solid, energetic presentation and affable sound is enjoyable and easy to live with. Give it a whirl.What Hifi

 Housed in a half width case, there’s a substantial transformer at the heart of this amplifier, and I feel it’s this that helps give the amplifier its involving, toe tapping sound. There’s a natural warmth to the presentation too, which is thanks to the care an attention involved with component selection, the result of hours of listening sessions The Edwards Audio IA4 Integrated Amplifier is an all new design from the ground up.

Edwards Audio  Integrated Amplifier The intention was to try to build the best and least expensive British made amplifier on the market, just to prove that we can still do it. The result is the impressive Edwards Audio series of integrated amplifiers, which we feel is a very attractive product with our customary top level of sonic performance.
The IA model design brief was to produce a ‘hair-shirt’ all out performance product that anyone could afford, which especially in these tough economic times we believe is an important consideration, so the only concession to modernism has been the elimination of remote volume. The IA4 has remote volume if you can’t live without it!
TALK Electronics is a UK based designer and manufacturer of award winning hi-fi equipment. We have designed and manufactured some of the world’s finest, value-for-money, high-fidelity equipment for over 15 years.

The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivaled high performance products.  Do not be deceived by the size of this range, as it has been designed to set new standards in this area.  It can compete with many ‘fully grown’ products which are out in the market and if reviews are anything to go by, then TALK Electronics have achieved its goal with many awards and reviews from around the world. HAND MADE IN THE UK

still made in Britain

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