Unison Reareach Phono One Valve MM/MC Phono Stage

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Vinyl lovers have no lack of choices these days when it comes to purchasing a phonostage.  Whether you’re an analog beginner or a veteran, your needs are covered from the entry-level price point all the way to the mega-buck region.  But when narrowing down the characteristics and features that are of particular importance, the choices start to thin out a bit: outboard power supply, check; great build quality, check; great cosmetics, check; tube based, check; good cartridge-loading options, check; Class-A zero-feedback design, check; Italian, check.  Italian?  If you’ve checked all of those boxes then you’ve arrived at Unison Research.I was instantly drawn to the visual style of the Phono One, but then I’m a sucker for all things Italian.  And the price doesn’t put me off either; I’ll always pay a few extra bucks for style points. The Phono One is certainly good enough to be purchased for our ever-growing fleet of phonostages Tone Audio

The Phono One was originally released many years ago and enjoyed much admiration and acclaim during its life-span. After it was discontinued it's popularity did not cease, so when the vinyl hi-fi market began to experience a resurgence, Unison Research decided to re-introduce their iconic phono stage with new and improved specifications. 

The new Phono One is aesthetically similar to the original, and while it shares some similarities in circuitry with the Simply Phono it earns its place as Unison Research's flagship phono stage in part because of the 10 triodes it uses (5 x ECC83 (12AX7) valves). 

All of the gain stages now implement a parallel configuration for the best low-noise and low-distortion performance. This solution also increases the overall cartridge gain ability to approximately 54dB; easily enough for a wide variety of Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) cartridges. The same passive RIAA network as found in the original Phono One has been adopted, but with specially selected components that ensure strict tolerances to the equalization curve.

A delayed muting function is built into the phono stage to avoid potential problems with DC voltages and 'bump' (or 'pops') during warm-up and switch-off; this also means you won't hear any music until the valves are running at their optimum temperature, so the sound performance is always the best it can be.

As opposed to the Simply Phono, where only the resistive component of input impedance is changeable, the Phono One can have both the resistance and the capacitance changed to perfectly match the requirements of your chosen cartridge.

Particular care has been dedicated to the power supply design in order to minimise cross-talk and inter-stage interference. Combine this with the elastic suspension of the amplifier board and optimised circuitry throughout, and the result is a superlative sonic performance, full of natural detail and musical clarity.

Key Features:

Iconic phono stage with classic aesthetic design
5 x ECC83 (12AX7) valves
Pure Class A design
Stunning sound performance
Suitable for all high-end hi-fi systems
Switchable Impedance and Capacitance
Delayed muting function to avoid sound 'spikes' during start-up and switch-off
High-quality  Wood panels

Technical Data:

Type:    Pure Class A valve phono stage
RIAA:    Passive ± 0.1dB (20Hz / 20kHz)
Output Impedance:    800Ω
Outputs:    1 x Line (RCA)
Gain:    54dB
THD:    0.1% @ 1V output
Inputs:    1 x RCA (for MM or MC)
Input Impedance:    22, 50, 100 or 47kΩ (switchable)
Input Capacitance:    100, 200, 320 or 420pF (switchable)
Feedback Factor:    0dB
Valves:    5 x ECC83 (12AX7)
Power Supply:    External
Dimensions (W x H x D):    373 x 58.4 x 246.3mm
Net Weight:    3.6kg (incl. PSU)


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