Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun

Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun

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Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun
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The New & Improved Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun is an audiophile must have! 

The Milty Zerostat is a relatively inexpensive but effective device for removing the static charge from your records, your turntable’s dustcover or from whatever seems to attract static electricity.It’s especially useful during the winter in colder climates where low humidity exacerbates the problem. . Mute your preamp before using because pulling its trigger can produce a loud “pop” through your speakers as it discharges the static. Micheal Fremer Analogueplanet

The Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun by Milty helps keep records, CDs, DVDs, film, lenses, and glass static-free, dust-free, and lint-free. It is the latest development of the renowned Zerostat piezo-electric pistol. The Zerostat 3 reduces static on insulating surfaces as records, etc. It produces negative and positive ions that couple with the positive and negative static charges on an object's surface, effectively neutralizing them. 
Simply hold the Zerostat 3 within one foot of the surface to be treated and squeeze the trigger for about two seconds. This releases a stream of positively charged particles. As the trigger is released, a negative flow is produced, neutralizing static charges. Repeat this process at several points across the surface of the object. 
"Before dropping the needle... I shot the record a few times with the Milty Zerostat 3, a blue, gun-shaped gadget that helps eliminate static. Squeezing the Zerostat's thin black trigger releases positive ions; relaxing the trigger produces negative ions. A complete squeeze cycle results in a neutral static condition - one perfectly in balance, neither too heavy nor too light - and my LPs play quietly. This step in my LP-playing routine grew out of necessity and has become a habit." - Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine, May 2012, Vol. 35, No. 5 
"A couple of years ago, I spent three sad winter months trying to figure out what was wrong with my turntable. Complex passages of music were consistently marred by horrible distortion that made listening to vinyl unbearably stressful. Close inspection of my stylus revealed the culprit: ugly clumps of dust and debris. I blew on the stylus, brushed it, treated it with cleaners, pleaded with it, made promises, said prayers. Nothing worked. Finally, in desperation, I shot my cartridge with the Milty Zerostat 3. Haven't had a problem since. Other products cleaned my stylus, but only the Milty kept it clean." - Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine, May 2012, Vol. 35, No. 5 
The Zerostat 3 does not leave any polymer residue on the treated surfaces. It lasts for approximately 50,000 operations and requires no power supply, batteries, or refills. This is one simple treatment that no record collection should be without! 
Ion-Indicator: This test device has been included to indicate that there is a release of ions when the Milty Pro Zerostat3 is in use. Insert the Ion-indicator in the nose of the Zerostat and then slowly squeeze the release trigger. The Ion-indicator (neon tube) gently glows (recommend testing in a dimly lit room). 
Directions: Hold the Zerostat within 12" (30.5 cm) of the surface or object to be treated. Squeeze the trigger slowly for about two seconds, to emit a stream of positive ionized air over the surface of the object. As the trigger is slowly released, a negative show of air ions is produced resulting in static neutralization. Repeat this procedure at several points across the surface of the object.

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