Birkin/Gainsbourg - Le Symphonique - 2LP

Birkin/Gainsbourg - Le Symphonique - 2LP

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Birkin/Gainsbourg - Le Symphonique - 2LP
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Jane Birkin commemorates the great master of the French chanson and interprets his songs as part of a classical arrangement with a 90-member symphony orchestra. Jane Birkin and singer / actor Serge Gainsbourg met in 1969 while filming Pierre Grimblat's love romance "Slogan". They were the legendary couple of the seventies. 

Together with Nobuyuki Nakajima and Philippe Lerichomme, Birkin performed the Gainsbourg concert with a large orchestra. This is the result of this extraordinary idea. 

1Soundtrack Track 1: Lost song
Lost song
2Soundtrack Track 2: Dépression au-dessus du jardin
Dépression au-dessus du jardin
3Soundtrack Track 3: Baby alone in Babylone
Baby alone in Babylone
4Soundtrack Track 4: Physique et sans issue
Physique et sans issue
5Soundtrack Track 5: Ces petits riens
Ces petits riens
6Soundtrack Track 6: L'aquoiboniste
7Soundtrack Track 7: Valse de melody
Valse de melody
8thAudition Track 8: Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve
Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve
9Soundtrack Track 9: Requiem pour un con
Requiem pour un con
10Soundtrack Track 10: Une chose entre autres
Une chose entre autres
11Soundtrack Track 11: Amour des feintes
Amour of the fine
1Soundtrack Track 1: Exercise en frome de Z
Exercise en frome DE Z
2Soundtrack Track 2: Manon
3Soundtrack Track 3: La chanson de Prévert
La chanson de Prévert
4Soundtrack Track 4: Les lingerie chics
Les lingerie chics
5Soundtrack Track 5: L'aomur de moi
L'aomur de moi
6Soundtrack Track 6: Pull marine
Pull marine
7Soundtrack Track 7: La gadoue
La gadoue
8thSoundtrack Track 8: Jane B.
Jane B.
9Soundtrack Track 9: L'anamour
10Soundtrack Track 10: La Javanaise
La Javanaise

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