Loricraft Replacement Cleaning Thread for RCM

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Loricraft Replacement Cleaning Thread for RCM
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Loricraft Replacement Cleaning Thread for RCM

The nylon protection thread, which wraps around the nozzle, has two functions. It prevents the ptfe nozzle from contacting the record, and leaves an air gap to allow the vortex of the nozzle (suction) to remove all the fluid and debris from the record grooves - leaving it clean and dry.
The nylon nozzle tip of the vacuum arm does not touch the record. A fine filament nylon thread threads through the center of the arm and nozzle that allows the arm to lie very close the record. This un-calendared thread acts as a "ski" to support the arm and keep it a small fraction of an inch from the record. In fact, the distance is the thickness of the 30 gauge thread. Terrific suction is developed at the nozzle because of this proximity effect. To illustrate this, use your home canister vacuum cleaner. Remove any attachments from the hose and, while the cleaner is running, slowly move the hose close to the palm of your other hand. As you approach contact, the air velocity will dramatically increase and you will feel the powerful suction. That's how the Loricraft vacuum arm works. It is high intensity, local suction that is not distributed over the whole record (globally). The arm will "ride" up the rim of the record to assure the beginning track of the record is perfectly cleaned.

The Loricraft PRC is geared (sorry) more toward clubs, stores, or well-to-do enthusiasts who want the absolute best and absolute quietest record cleaning machine they can buy. As a bonus, it's so much fun to use-and to watch!-that it makes record maintenance a bit less drudgy. Very enthusiastically recommended. - Art Dudley

Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. So, apparently, said Benjamin Franklin. To which he might have added if he had been feeling particularly far sighted that day “Loricraft record cleaning machines.” - Dagogo Review

Have you Lori-cleaned your records?

Nothing Cleans Records More Thoroughly than the Loricraft!

Our range of Professional Record Cleaners are now in use in remastering studios, sound archives, record stores and the homes of hifi enthusiasts in over 20 countries.



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