Vir Dei Benedictus - Liturgy Of The Solemnity Of Saint Benedict - 180g LP

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Vir Dei Benedictus - Liturgy Of The Solemnity Of Saint Benedict - 180g LP
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Fone Records - LP070 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - AAA 100% Analogue

Pure Analogue Recording , Mastering & Cutting

Club 496 - Only 496 Copies Numbered Limited Edition - Pressed in Germany

AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only, from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head
• 180g Virgin Vinyl
• Limited Edition
• 33 rpm
• Pure Analogue Recording & Cutting
• Cutting Machine wired by Signoricci
• One-Stage Pressing Process
• Heavy Quality Sleeves
• Signoricci Vinyl Printed in Germany
• Produced in only 496 copies

Monastic Choir of the Abbey of Montecassino. 
Stefano Concordia OSB - conductor, organist

 Pieve del Convento dei Cappuccini in Peccioli in Italy The chants of the Graduale Romanum, commonly called Gregorian chant, put in many respects the root of all European musical culture is, and in some places in Europe there is a continues to this day, almost 1500 years old tradition of maintaining this unique music good. One of these places is the Benedictine Abbey of Montecassino with its famous Monk Schola. In the present production here from the house Fone the Benedictine monks sing the complete liturgy for the Feast of St. Benedict, so fair and Holy Office, accompanied by an organ prelude of a later period. The uptake by Giulio Cesare Ricce makes the special quality of Gregorian chant experience that results from the connection arrhythmic unanimity with monumental acoustics.

The rich reverberation of the monastery is depicted here in such detail that it seems almost to feel the cool cloister walls around. This record is for friends of historical performance practice and meditative hours a must! Mastering by Giulio Cesare Ricci purely analog his Ampex 2-track analog machine, even the one-stage section is implemented purely analog, was pressed in Germany on high quality 180g Virgin -Vinyl. Strictly limited to 496 pieces! LIMITED EDITION Printed in Germany Pure Analogue Recording Pure Analogue Cutting Cutting Machine One-Stage Pressing Process


Giulio Cesare Ricci
valve microphones: Neumann U 47, M 49
preamplificatori microfonici, advanced mike pre-amplifiers: Nagra, analog tape recorders: Nagra 4S
"Vir Dei Benedictus: Liturgy of the Solemnity of Saint Benedict" Monastic Choir of the Abbey of Montecassino Stefano Concordia
Conductor and organist Stefano Concordia O.S.B. completed his studies of piano and music theory at the New England Conservatory of Music, Boston. In 1989 he entered the Abbey of Montecassino and in 1995 was ordained to the priesthood. At the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Rome he studied organ with Giancarlo Parodi, Gregorian chant with Alberto Turco and Nino Albarosa and Choral Direction with Walter Marzilli. He is invited professor of Gregorian chant at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, Rome.
1 Campane della Basilica Cattedrale di Montecassino
Organ prelude
Johann Gottfried WALTHER (1684-1748):
"Concerto del Sig.r Tomaso Albinoni appropriato all'Organo" 7.35
2 Allegro 7.38
3 Adagio
4 Allegro
5 Introito Gaudeamus 2.48
6 Graduale Domine praevenisti  3.53
7 Tratto Beatus vir qui timet 3.15
8 Sequenza Laeta quies 2.19
9 Offertorio Iustus ut palma 1.26
10 Comunione Gustate et videte 1.54
11 Organ postlude
Charles-Marie WIDOR (1822-1890)
Toccata dalla Sinfonia nr. 5 op. 42 5.39
12 Inno Hymn Surge quid cessas 3.14
13 Antifona Antiphon Fuit vir 2.28
14 Antifona Antiphon Beatus vir 1.58
15 Antifona Antiphon Gloriosus 2.14
16 Antifona Antiphon Erat vir 2.50
17 Antifona Antiphon Vir Dei Benedictus 1.59
18 Responsorio Breve Sancte Pater Benedicte 1.31
19  Antifona al Magnificat
(Primi Vespri) Exsultet omnium 2.47
20 Antifona al Magnificat
(Secondi Vespri) Hodie sanctus Benedictus  2.34
21 Antifona al Benedictus Sanctissime 1.58
22 Inno (tono Cassinese)
Te lucis ante terminum 1.51
23 Inno di ringraziamento Te Deum 5.40
The story of fonè
In the context of classical and jazz music market, fonè proposes three decades of recordings using advanced techniques, aimed at the recovery of the original musical atmospheres.
Each new recording is the result of a passionate encounter between art and the art of execution and aims to recreate and reproduce the same spirit with which the works of the past have been performed. One basic feature that makes the difference between fonè and others, is the recording of musical works in natural places and original, constant production that leads to choose from time to time historically more space? Suitable for: church, theater, villa, living room ...
All this is done by retrieving a simple incision that does not do violence to the music: all the equipment is in high definition. Using pairs of valves Neumann microphones in the years 1947 and 1949 (U47, U48 and M49) using techniques very natural timbre bimicrofoniche field effect. These microphones have an important story: they are the microphones used to record the Beatles at Abbey Road Studio and RCA for the "Living Stereo."
No use is made of electronic manipulation of the signal, nor any artificial correction that if they make a sound easier to carve, it is true that distort so unacceptable. With this method you get to transfer the music information on the standard analog for the production of virgin vinyl 180g &  200g
fonè uses for the standard analog Nagra 4S, Studer C37 and J37 and Ampex ATR 102, the standard for digital, in collaboration with Philips the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) technology that has opened the doors to the SACD. For all subsequent stages of processing and control, in which it must be a playback of the sound reproduction systems are used very sophisticated.
After the pressing demands of the enthusiast market and after a long series of investigations to ensure the best possible support, the virgin vinyl 180/200 grams, fonè now makes available its most prestigious titles in the LP format. 
strong opposition to current trends in the multinational market, tending to offer a product that is increasingly homogenized and devoid of content. 
Implementation is of the highest quality and is dedicated to those who appreciate the pursuit of perfection in the field of sound reproduction, to collectors, to the true connoisseur and expert of things beautiful.
Vir Dei Benedictus - Liturgy Of The Solemnity Of Saint Benedict - 180g LP

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