John Scofield - This Meets That - 180g 2LP

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John Scofield - This Meets That - 180g 2LP
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Khiov Music /  Verve - LP43051 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - 

1st Time on Vinyl - Pressed at Pallas -  Limited Edition 

This Meets That finds guitarist John Scofield looking both backward and forward. It's his first recording for the Emarcy label, but for the occasion Scofield resurrected the trio he'd used on several previous albums, most recently 2004's EnRoute: bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bill Stewart. Never one to rest on his laurels, Scofield has throughout his career applied his virtuosity to several different streams of jazz, ranging from fusion-esque to orchestral to straight bop. This Meets That is something of a mixed bag. The opening track, the Scofield-penned "The Low Road," is a swinging funk jam that's one of several tunes on the record to employ a four-piece horn section.

It's a smoker of a track, with Scofield often teasing with distortion but never straying so far away that it might be called unmelodic. In addition to the Scofield originals, three left-field cover songs demonstrate Scofield's ability to apply his technique and imaginative thinking to just about anything he chooses. Perhaps one shouldn't be surprised that a musician always looking to expand his reach would try his hand at squeezing a classic country hit into a jazz framework, but that's what Scofield does 

The album is a kind of piñata. The first self-composed by Scofield piece, "The Low Road", is swinging funk jam and one of several on this plate with a four-member brass set. A red hot piece in which Scofield the listener often a little teases with distorted sounds, but never go so far that you could call it a tuneless. In addition to the Scofield Show original three left-field cover songs the ability to his art as his imagination applied to everything that his choice is. It does not actually surprise a that a musician who constantly strives to increase its breadth, the attempt does to force a classic Countryhit in a jazz context, but does just that Scofield with the old Charlie Rich ballad "Behind Closed Doors ". The result is a pretty bluesy recording in which he stays with a pure, clear, non-ironic tone, as he explores the nuances of the piece. The final piece of the plate, "(I Can not Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones, he plays like Otis Redding, as powerful Soul Stomper (regardless brilliant solos); whereas "House Of The Rising Sun", a traditional blues, the have received dozens of artists (of which the hit of the Animals 1964 probably the most most is), far away from its familiar melody as Scofield's start with the guest guitarist Bill Frisell plays while Stewart and Swallow scurrying around each other both as well as the two guitarists.

"Heck Of A Job", this title makes obvious reference to President Bush's remark vielbelachte "heck of a job, Brownie (Murder work, Brownie / Negerlein)" after Hurricane Katrina; the basis of the piece forms a rhythmic bass that could be from the meter of New Orleans, while "Strangeness In The Night" not so 'strange' with its stop-and-go rhythm and the expressive interlude. "Pretty Out" is 'pretty out there', namely quite far out, not directly anarchic, but open-ended and playful. "This Meets That" is, as the title suggests, less a thematic album than others of his younger undertaking, but one that reminds the listener in mind that both his attack and his sense of Abbenteuer not only intact, but even are still growing.

Recorded on 180g heavy-weight vinyl to ensure quality sound, packaged in gatefold cover, and covered by premium protective vinyl outer sleeve.

The “Play 33 1/3 LP Series” features masterpiece albums released in the '90s converted for the first time world-wide to analog Long Playing record. The album cover and package created after months of graphic work and processes by hand enhanced its excellence and to ensure the record’s superb sound quality, the German  who undertook the record production of EMI Germany and Universal, utilized a heavy weight 180g vinyl LP to contain the sound. Khiov who was in charge of the planning and production of many LP miniature series took charge of the album cover production spending 6 months to create a masterpiece.

This project was highly scrutinized passing rigid testing at the factory in Germany. Even the performers themselves had not been able to put their hands on the LP version of their own albums as their home country had not produced them.  The LPs produced by this project certainly have become must-have items by LP lovers all around the world.

In the age where faster and more convenient is thought to be better, the increase in demand for the retro vinyl LP worldwide is clearly attributed to the satisfaction from the sound offered by analog products impossible to be replicated by CD and digital products and the delight of touching, feeling, and possessing this masterpiece-like large artwork. Furthermore, LP records have both rarity and history that increase their value over time and serve as an attractive factor for collectors.

• Play 33 1/3 Series
• 180g Vinyl Pressing
• Double LP
• Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling SOund
• Recorded & Mixed at Avatar Studio, NYC
• Trifold Cover with Obi
• From the original master of Universal Music
• Pressed at Pallas in Germany
• Lacquer cutting by SST Bruggemann GmbH in Germany
• Black poly-lined inner sleeves
• Tri-Fold Jacket
• Cover sleeve printed & made by Khiov in Korea
• Released on vinyl for the first time

John Scofield, guitar
Steve Swallow, electric bass
Bill Stewart, drums
Roger Rosenberg, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Lawrence Feldman, tenor saxophone, flutes
Jim Pugh, trombone
John Swana, trumpet, flugelhorn
Bill Frisell, tremolo guitar 

    1 The Low Road
    2 Down D
    3 Strangeness In The Night
    1 Heck Of A Job
    2 Behind Closed Doors

    1 House Of The Rising Sun
    2 Shoe Dog
    1 Memorette
    2 Trio Blues
    3 Pretty Out
    4 I Can't Get No Satisfaction

John Scofield - This Meets That - 180g 2LP

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