Pro-Ject - Leather-IT Leather Turntable Mat

Pro-Ject - Leather-IT Leather Turntable Mat

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The Pro-Ject Leather-IT turntable mat is designed to enhance the sound of your turntable.
Fitting over the centre spindle and sitting comfortably on a 12" platter, the mat is designed to offer a better playback surface than other felt or cork alternatives. 
The mat improves performance by reducing vibration transfer to the playing surface, allowing your cartridge to deliver a more stable high-fidelity performance.
The high-friction but smooth surface also allows for fluid record rotation with minimal slip.
Available in black or grey.
he Leather-IT in black has a matte-suede effect on both sides.
The Leather-IT in silver has a shiny finish on one side, and a rough leather finish on the other.
• Alternative platter mats with special sound characteristcs  
• Substitutes felt mats  
• Damping of resonances from metal turntable platters  
• Less noise  
• Avoids static load  
• Suitable for all turntables  
• Perfect combined with Clamp it  
Sound tuning through replacement of platter mat!  
Turntable mats have been always a big discussion how they influence the sound. The interaction between the record and the surface can be tracked very easily by the supersensitivity of a good pick up cartridge.  
Common felt mats give a smooth contact between record and platter but has the disadvantage with static. That means that feltmats often collect a lot of dust which can be then transfered to the record. Also the damping ability is very limited which can be a problem with metal platters. Thick rubbermats overdamp the record and have an isolation effect which leaves the static on the record and hearable noise clicks are the result.  
Leather and Cork are 2 different but very interesting options to upgrade the sound quality. Resonances Are damped more effectively than felt, they keep dust away and they have also enough contactivity to avoid static.  
What is better depends on taste and the actual platter design.A very costeffectiv way to improve the sound and have less noise by static and dust.
You can hear a difference!  
HIFI Choice Recommended
The Leather IT is "designed to improve performance by reducing vibration transfer to the playing surface, allowing the cartridge to deliver a more stable high fidelity performance."
"The high friction, but smooth surface also allows for good record rotation with negligible slip so a record clamp is not required with this turntable mat"
"The mat is obviously made from high quality leather and the underside has been intentionally left with a rough and fluffy leather finish, whereas the top is beautifully finished smooth surface." "In use, the sound quality is enhanced giving a noticeably better-controlled sound overall and great imaging."
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