Soundsmith EZ-Mount Cartridge Mounting Screw Set ( Set of 8 )

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Soundsmith EZ-Mount Cartridge Mounting Screw Set ( Set of 8 )
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"[The] gizmo I can't speak more highly about is the EZ-Mount cartridge screw set. Delivered in a set of four pairs, they have an easy to tighten knurled knob on top eliminating the need for tiny hand tools. can use them to add or remove mass to the headshell... All you need are your hands to install the EZ-Mounts, particularly on pre-threaded cartridge bodies, and they make cartridge alignment easy since they're a breeze to untighten, move, and retighten. Genius." - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, 
"Why Didn't I Think of That? Dept.: Soundsmith EZ-Mount Screws. This is really helpful for "older folks"... While this set is particularly useful for reviewers who are constantly changing cartridges, it should also prove useful to audiophiles who don't enjoy fumbling with Allen keys or tiny screwdrivers."- Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine, 
The EZ-Mount hardware avoids the possible situation where you would have to spend more on a lighter/Heavier  counterweight, or mass load the headshell. The Soundsmith EZ-Mount hardware solves the problem
Cartridge screws are designed and precision machined to provide the best connection between tonearm head-shell and the cartridge . These Can add or Lower total Mass at the head-shell which could also be advantageous when a lowering of cartridge/tonearm resonance is required. .Improving Tracking ability & Cartridge/arm lateral resonance
Nylon Screws: 1.04 grams (pair), 10mm long
Aluminum Screws: 2.06 grams (pair), 10mm long
Brass Screws: 6.14 grams (pair), 10mm long
Stainless Steel Screws: 6.32 grams (pair), 10mm long
Soundsmith EZ-Mount Cartridge Mounting Screw Set
» NO TOOLS needed to mount and secure a cartridge
» EZ-Tweaking
» Now it only takes TWO HANDS to install a phono cartridge!
» Lowers the risk of dropped cartridges & snapped cantilevers

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