The Band - The Last Waltz - 2SACD Box Set

The Band - The Last Waltz - 2SACD Box Set

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The Band - The Last Waltz - 2SACD Box Set
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Mobile Fidelity - UDSACD2-2139 - SACD Hybrid Stereo -  

Two Disc Box Set - Numbered Limited  Edition - Plays On All CD Players

Mastered on the Mobile Fidelity GAIN 2™ Mastering Technology for Ultradisc UHR SACD   

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Another home run from Mobile Fidelity - HIFI Plus
This Blows All The Other Copies I Have Of The Last Waltz....  MFSL , Thank's To All Your People On Another Fine Job On Remastering A Great Classic  Album ..5/5 CDReview
The Band The Last Waltz on Numbered Limited Edition 2 x Hybrid SACD from Mobile Fidelity
1976 Farewell Concert Doubles as a Get-Together of Many of Rock's Greatest Talents and Spawned Once-in-a-Lifetime Collaborations 
Live Album Contains Several Songs Not Seen or Heard in Famous Film: The Band Plays as if Each Note is its Last
Mastered from the Original Master Tapes: Mobile Fidelity Gives Music Listeners 10th Row Access to Definitive Live Performances By The Band, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, and Many Other Luminaries
"It started as a concert--it became a celebration." Unprecedented in scope and unrivaled in spirit, The Last Waltz transcends both the group it honors and every A-list star that appears. Indeed, The Band's farewell event captures the zeitgeist of a creative period like none other and raises a glass to the communal ethos and artistic electricity that emerged from a time during which foreign wars, political assassinations, and equality inspired an exceptional outburst of originality and innovation. Overflowing with once-in-a-lifetime collaborations and contagious performances, The Last Waltz is here afforded by Mobile Fidelity a version that makes the 1975 shindig come alive with tremendous realism, vigorous energy, and visceral body.
Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's double hybrid SACD set gives listeners a seat mere feet away from the Winterland Ballroom stage. Enhancing overall transparency, this collector's edition boasts supreme separation and full dynamic range, allowing each of the many musicians to occupy their own space in the mix. Details emerge unscathed, tonalities soar, and the soundstage stretches far beyond (and behind) speaker boundaries. You get the sense that you're a VIP guest watching the ceremony as it unfolds, with everything from Garth Hudson's tube-warm organ lines to Robbie Robertson's rounded solos delineated in balanced, rich, and lifelike fashion. The enthusiasm of the performances practically jumps off the proverbial page.
Indeed, as The Band's going-away party, The Last Waltz is one of the few albums in any genre where each instrumentalist plays as if every note will be their last. In this case, such circumstances were believed to be true. From the rustic Southern charm of the invigorating opener "Up on Cripple Creek" through a joyous circus-themed run through "Ophelia" to a stellar version of "The Weight" filled with palatable gravitas, The Band gives its all and more, cementing once and for all its permanent mark in the annals of rock's greatest artists. 
Containing several songs not seen in the companion film, the soundtrack to The Last Waltz unspools as both a journey through one of the greatest catalogs of a single artist as well as a survey of fundamental American music styles and blends. The Band receives assists in the form of horn charts and a full-on brass section via New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint and ace instrumentalists. But, as we all now know, that was only the beginning of what amounts to a blowout affair graced with friends, cohorts, and admirers alike.
A Hall of Fame cast helps make The Last Waltz the first and last concert of its kind. Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, Pinetop Perkins, Eric Clapton, and Dr. John are among the virtuosos lending a hand on bluesier material. Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, and Ronnie Wood all take turns in assisting the hosts. The Band closes out the party with its own encore set. It is a truly magical affair, one further bettered by the selfless presence of Emmylou Harris, who contributes angelic backing vocals to numerous songs.
Recognizing it symbolized the culmination of a special era, The Last Waltz organizers and performers took every precaution to ensure the concert would be an event for the ages. Mobile Fidelity has done the same with this hybrid SACD set. 

Rick Danko, bass, fiddle, vocals
Levon Helm, drums, mandolin, vocals
Garth Hudson, organ, piano, accordion, synthesizers, soprano sax, clavinet
Richard Manuel, piano, organ, drums, clavinet, dobro, vocals
Robbie Robertson, guitar, piano, vocals

Paul Butterfield, harmonica, vocals
Eric Clapton, guitar, vocals
Neil Diamond, guitar, vocals
Bob Dylan, guitar, vocals
Emmylou Harris, acoustic guitar, vocals
Ronnie Hawkins, vocals
Dr. John, piano, guitar, congas, vocals
Joni Mitchell, acoustic guitar, vocals
Van Morrison, vocals
The Staples, guitar, vocals
Ringo Starr, drums
Muddy Waters, vocals
Ron Wood, guitar
Neil Young, guitars, harmonica, vocals

The Band The Last Waltz Track Listing:
SACD 1: 
1. Theme From The Last Waltz
2. Up On Cripple Creek
3. Who Do You Love (with Ronnie Hawkins)
4. Helpless (with Neil Young)
5. Stagefright 
6. Coyote (with Joni Mitchell)
7. Dry Your Eyes (with Neil Diamond)
8. It Makes No Difference
9. Such A Night (with Dr. John)
10. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
11. Mystery Train (with Paul Butterfield)
12. Mannish Boy (with Muddy Waters)
13. Further On Up The Road (with Eric Clapton)

1. Shape I'm In
2. Down South In New Orleans (with Bobby Charles)
3. Ophelia
4. Tura Lura Lural (That's An Irish Lullaby) (with Van Morrison)
5. Caravan (with Van Morrison)
6. Life Is A Carnival
7. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (with Bob Dylan)
8. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) (with Bob Dylan)
9. Forever Young (with Bob Dylan)
10. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) (with Bob Dylan)
11. I Shall Be Released
12. The Last Waltz Suite:
    i. The Well
    ii. Evangeline (with Emmylou Harris)
    iii. Out Of The Blue
    iv. The Weight (with The Staples)
    v. The Last Waltz Refrain
    vi. Theme From The Last Waltz (with Orchestra)
Band - The Last Waltz - 2SACD Box Set
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Mobile Fidelity believes that mastering systems should be neutral and transparent. The essential idea is to unveil all the detailed musical information on the original master recording without adding deterioration, coloration or other sonic artifacts. 

It is worth noting that Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab stands out as one of few record labels that independently invests in research and development of audio technology. With proprietary innovations such as GAIN 2™, general music enthusiasts and audiophiles alike have reaped the benefit of a higher consumer audio standard without investing in costly new hardware. Mobile Fidelity is pleased to work with a variety of engineering legends and companies including Tim de Paravicini, Ed Meitner, Pass Labs, Theta Digital and Sony Electronics. 

Our joint efforts to seek out the ultimate audio experience, has resulted in significant advances for the technology of music reproduction. 

GAIN 2™ Mastering Technology for Ultradisc UHR™ Hybrid SACD and Ultradisc II™ 24kt Gold CDs 

For over twenty years, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has continually searched for the ultimate audio experience. During this search MFSL engineers and associates created The GAIN™ System, a proprietary mastering technology which brought warmth and ambience to the compact disc format. A few years ago - with higher resolution formats on the horizon - the vision of GAIN 2™ began. As it stands today, GAIN 2™ is one of the greatest technical advancements in analogue and digital technology in the last ten years. It consists of a series of critical modifications and new components to Mobile Fidelity's proprietary mastering chain. 

We feel that GAIN 2™ has come extremely close to meeting this goal. The key accomplishments of GAIN 2™ System are 1) the ability to extract all the musical information as possible through the Ultra High bandwidth analogue tape playback system with proprietary custom tape playback heads, reproducer electronics and 2) transparently capturing and storing that information with the Direct Stream Digital recording system. 

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